Types of civilization

  1. Kardashev scale : method of measuring civilization’s level of technological advancement, mostly based on the capability of energy production. [1]
  • Type1: planetary, control weather, natural disaster, etc. Make the most out of planetary natural resources. Most energy efficient.
  • Type2: Stellar, control influence of Sun to earth. Control influence of any other solar system on earth. Make the most out of solar system.
  • Type3: Galactic, control influence of galactic environment. Colonize planet in the galaxy
  1. Current earth civilization : Type 0.72 (use dead plant, oil, coal, as energy source)

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  1. Method to reach Type 1 (Type 1 civilization needs 5kg of energy per second. E=MC^2, similar to one nuclear bomb per second)
  • Fusion power: Fusing 10^3kg of hydrogen into helium per second. 1km^3 water has 10^11 kg of hydrogen. Earth has 10^9 km^3 of water. Possible to produce energy for 3000 million years!

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  • ~10k years needed to type 2 civilization, so the energy resource for type 1 using water in earth is sufficient.
  • Solar energy : may need to use space based power satellites.

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  • Anti-matter : need technology to produce or collect anti-matter in large quantities.
  1. Transition from type 0 to type 1 risks self destruction
  • No longer a room for further expansion on the civilization’s home planet. (Malthusian catastrophe[2], Bartlett’s law[3])
  • Excessive use of energy and continuous “exponential” growth of population could make the planet unsuitable to live.
  • Sustainable growth is “oxymoron”

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  1. Forces advancement
  • Newton : Gravitational force à industrial revolution
  • Maxwell: Electromagnetic force à electronic revolution, telecommunication, internet, etc
  • Einstein: Nuclear forces à nuclear power, energy, etc
  • String Theory : all forces (super forces) à mind of god.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malthusian_catastrophe
[3] http://mysite.du.edu/~jcalvert/econ/bartlett.htm

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