ARM processor

Cortex family

  1. Range of solution optimized for full performance spectrum
  2. Cortex-A series : application processor for complex OS and user application
  3. Cortex-R series : embedded processor for real time system
  4. Cortex-M series : deeply embedded processor optimized for cost sensitive application.

picture device independent bitmap 118

Cortex-A8 :

  1. First application processor based on ARM7 (compatible with ARM7)
  1. ARM7
  1. Low power 32bit RISC microprocessor optimized for cost and power sensitive application.
  2. MP3, entry level wireless handset, pager..
  3. 130 DMIPS at 0.13um process
  1. Highest performance and most power efficient
  2. 600MHz to 1GHz
  3. 2000 DMIPS with 300mW (2DMIPS/MHz) 13 stage pipeline with advanced dynamic branch
  4. First superscalar processor, enhance code density and signal processing

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Figure 1 Cortex A8 diagram
picture device independent bitmap 39

Figure 2 ARM Cortex A8 performance chart

NEON technology

  1. Multimedia and signal processing unit for Cortex-A series processor
  2. 128 bit SIMD architecture (Single instruction and Multiple Data)

Cortex A-9

  1. High performance and power efficient anc cost sensitive
  2. Upgrade from ARM11
  1. ARM11
  1. High performance microprocessor
  2. 740 DMIPS at 0.13um process
  3. High performance processor for automotive, data storage, imaging, embedded control, Network, Consumer product (smartbook)
  4. Multicore version

picture device independent bitmap 48

Figure 3 Cortex A-9 diagram
picture device independent bitmap 57

Figure 4 Cortex A-9 MP diagram
picture device independent bitmap 65

Figure 5 Cortex A-9 feature

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