Variability Aware System Modeling (IMEC) @ 2007 IMEC TAD conference

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Variability Aware Modeling has progressed in the past year
to a level that enable answering qualitative questions on
technology choices. We describe in detail the process to
predict system (IC) yield from technology variability, and
apply this to a concrete system under following
technology assumptions:
-low VTH, high VTH, and dual or triple VTH, when
assigning parts of the circuits or critical paths to one of
the VTH choices. Strategies on VTH assignment play a
role. Geometrical correlations of variability (local vs.
global, random vs. systematic) are taken into account,
thus leading to predictions of wafer to wafer and even
batch to batch variation of yield or process drift.
In a second, more speculative part we anticipate how this
framework can enable the design of system that tackle
variability with runtime countermeasures, such as course
grain and fine grains self-adaptive or centrally controlled

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