SIA 2008 report on US to retain foreign talent

SIA_AR_2008.pdf (application/pdf 객체).

Reforming our immigration policy to reduce the backlog of Green
Card applications is ultimately in our national interest. History has
demonstrated the value of immigrants to our country. Our economy, our
culture, and our society have been enriched by immigrants: theoretical
physicist Albert Einstein, nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi, former Secretary
of State Henry Kissinger, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, former Intel
CE O Andrew Grove, Sun Microsystems co-founders Andreas von Bechtolsheim
and Vinod Khosla, Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang, former Secretary of
State Madeleine Albright, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have all
made significant contributions to America, along with millions of other
immigrants who chose America as their home.
Ignoring our immigration crisis, letting essential positions remain
empty for lack of qualified workers, driving U.S. business offshore, and
subsidizing our competition by failing to retain and hire U.S.-educated
foreign students fails to serve our interests or honor our traditions.
Enabling highly educated, necessary immigrants to come to America
to study and work is not simply a matter of generosity. It is in keeping
with what is finest and most generous of our tradition, but it is also a
matter of profound self-interest. They fill a critical need. We profit from
their contribution. Their effort helps to grow our economy and to create
more work, more jobs, and more prosperity. If we close our doors to
the world’s best and brightest, or raise barriers or otherwise make them
unwelcome, we will be denying not only them—but also ourselves.

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