– What’s inside Apple’s media pad? – What’s inside Apple’s media pad?.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Here’s the worst-kept secret in the industry: Apple Inc. is expected to roll out its tablet platform on Jan. 27.A combination Apple media pad/e-book/netbook could steal much of the thunder in early 2010. So what’s inside the system?

Ashok Kumar, a research analysts at Northeast Securities Inc., said the following about the Apple tablet or media pad in a report:

System processor: ”The key change in the component stack will be the application processor. Our checks indicate that Apple licensed the ARM Cortex core from Samsung but built out the rest of the silicon with the PA Semi design team. While Samsung will continue to supply the flash memory, it will be relegated to a foundry status for the application processor. We expect this silicon to populate future iterations of the iPhone.”

Form factor: ”The form factor (is) a 10-inch screen with a docking station. The retail channel price range of $600-$800 will likely be substantial premium over the carrier channel (Verizon) model.”

Wireless capability: ”For broadband connectivity, it appears that Qualcomm may be the supplier for WWAN silicon. With this configuration, users are likely locked into Verizon’s network.”

Shipment forecast: ”Our production checks indicate that Apple could ship up to a 1 million units by March and plateau at 400,000-500,000 units per month thereafter.”

  1. Apple using ARM processor in iSlate. Intel Atom will have tough competition in smartbook market. People would not look for x86 compatibility once the environment is not Window. Atom will be limited to netbook where window will dominate. Then Intel has to compete with own Centrino for full fledged notebook. Intel’s ambition to get into SOC market would not succeed as long as they stick to x86.

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