Tegra 250 sets mobile speed record


  • second-generation Tegra processor has been sampling since 3Q09 and is expected to reach production in 2Q10
  • contains two Cortex-A9 CPUs, each running at up to 1.0GHz.
  • should score 5760 on the Coremark test (using two threads)
    • more than twice the speed of the iPhone 3GS, Nexus One, or any other smartphone shipping today
    • 40% faster than the Coremark score of the 1.6GHz Atom CPU (also using two threads with hyperthreading).
  • exceeds 1.0W at full speed from both cores
    • 150mW for HD (720p) video playback and just 15mW for audio playback –> similar to original Tegra
  • can decode video at 30fps and full HD (1080p) resolution for H.264 base and main profile
    • restricted to 720p for the ultrachallenging H.264 high profile (Blu-ray)
    • can also encode video at 1080p for H.264 base profile.
    • Few other mobile processors can handle 1080p video at even the base profile.
  • 3D performance : peak speed of 90 million triangles per second.
  • will appear initially in tablet computers and similar-sized devices that will debut by mid-2010.
    • smartphones will not ship until late 2010
  • third-generation processor expects to sample before the end of this year
  1. Hmm.. automatic generation of related topic indeed interesting..
    I don’t have any intention to mock Tegra…

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