– GlobalFoundries plans for 2010 capex of $2.5 billion – GlobalFoundries plans for 2010 capex of $2.5 billion.

EE Times

LONDON — Abu Dhabi backed foundry GlobalFoundries Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.) is planning to spend $2.5 billion to increase its 300-mm wafer manufacturing capacity by 50 percent in 2010, according to Udo Nothelfer, company vice president and general manager of Fab 1 in Dresden, Germany.That would put the company’s capital expenditure at about the same size as its pro forma revenue for 2009, the year of the company’s formation as a merger of the manufacturing capabilities of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.) and Singaporean foundry Chartered Semiconductor. It would also rank GlobalFoundries immediately behind rival foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in terms of capex for 2010 and in fourth place for the whole of the semiconductor industry.

The top three in 2010 semiconductor capital spending are set to be Samsung at $6 billion, Intel at $5.3 billion and TSMC at $4.8 billion, according to a recent ranking from IC Insights Inc. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) and an announcement within TSMC’s Q4 financial results presentation.

Global Foundries has two 300-mm wafer fabs and five 200-mm wafer fabs. It’s most advanced fab is Fab 1 in Dresden inherited from AMD, which currently has a manufacturing capacity of about 30,000 wafer starts per month. Fab 7 in Singapore, which came from the acquisition of Chartered, is turning out about 37,000 wafers per month, Nothelfer said. This provides GlobalFoundries with a total monthly 300-mm wafer manufacturing capacity of 67,000 wafers per month. A 50 percent increase would take GlobalFoundries to about 100,000 wafers per month.

Nothelfer said that the plan was to take Fab 7 to 50,000 wafers per month by 2011 and Fab 1 up to 60,000 wafers per month by mid-2012. The middle of 2012 is when the next wafer fab — Fab 8 under construction in New York state — is due to start running commercial wafers. That fab is projected to have a fully loaded capacity of 42,000 wafers per month.

The New York site is expected to be ready to start receiving equipment in mid-2011, Nothelfer said.

Nothelfer said he was not concerned about long lead times at semiconductor equipment suppliers as GlobalFoundries planning was long-term and exceeded the growing lead times on equipment. “The market has heated up a bit, but our lead times are pretty much as expected. We have been talking to the equipment makers and we did our ‘slotting’ so we are in pretty good shape,” he said.

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