Design Challenges for 22nm CMOS and Beyond (S.Barkar, Intel 2009 IEDM)


Past : segmented hardmacro functional block –> system is built using combination of those hardmacro with a bit of softmacro.

    • relied upon custom design methodology for higher performance and smaller area.
    • –> due to increasing design rule complexity, restrictions, and regularity –> little room to improve custom design
    • custom design more focus on local design rather than global design –> sub optimal in overall sense.
  • Future : System with soft macro only.
    • in 22nm and beyond is System Design with design automation at all levels.
    • Softmacro rather than hardmacro
      • described at a higher level of abstraction, such as an RTL description.
    • system can be built at a higher level of abstraction using these softcore functional blocks
      • processors, bus, other functional blocks
      • system is optimized using system level optimizer
    • physical design is optimized as well.
    • Custom design is limited to memory array, register files
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