Qualcomm’s multi-fold mobile device is the future we keep waiting for — Engadget

Qualcomm’s multi-fold mobile device is the future we keep waiting for — Engadget.

By Vladislav Savov posted Mar 15th 2010 6:01AM

Qualcomm isn’t typically in the business of producing consumer-facing hardware — the company prefers to just build the chips that make your devices go “vroom” — but we’ve come across a patent application that details just such an idea. The multi-fold mobile device can be seen as either a foldable tablet or an expandable cellphone, but in either case its purpose is clearly to act as a hybrid device that performs both roles. With all least two displays on its three panels, this concept will also automatically reconfigure its UI based on a folding configuration sensor, and Qualcomm suggests you might also use it as a widescreen TV display, an alarm clock, a media player, or a web browser. Click past the break for a couple more suggested use diagrams, and feel free to write to Qualcomm with demands that this be put into production pronto.

  1. The key is how to clean the dirt at the hinge where the screen folds. Often the scratch or line on the screen is not shown when the screen is very bright, so may not be an issue. Use experience of screen especially the portion folding would be very interesting. One may have to compromise portability of larger screen vs immaculate screen quality..

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