SOI Consortium Launches SOI IP Portal – 2010-03-23 12:03:00 | Semiconductor International

SOI Consortium Launches SOI IP Portal – 2010-03-23 12:03:00 | Semiconductor International.

David Lammers, News Editor — Semiconductor International, 3/23/2010

The relative lack of intellectual property (IP) on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) has been rated by designers as the top barrier to using the technology. That prompted the companies in the SOI Industry Consortium to “get to work, so we could give the chip designers no excuse” for not taking advantage of SOI’s performance and power advantages, said Horatio Mendez, executive director of the group.

Today, the consortium is announcing its “Ready for SOI Technology” program, which will bring IP into a readily accessible SOI Portal, hosted on the site now owned by Cadence Design Systems. The site will allow designers to download SOI-proven IP from IBM, ARM and Cadence, among others. Mendez said Boeing, which employs a large SOI chip design team in Colorado for military/aero applications, as well as Synopsys, recently decided to participate as well.

Synthesizable IP can be used on SOI technology without major alterations, and ARM has developed a physical IP library targeted to SOI. The new SOI Portal adds the ARM 1176 MPU core, but not the ARM Coretex processor core as of yet. IBM’s PowerPC cores are a processor option as well. Significantly, IBM’s SOI embedded DRAM is part of the SOI Portal. Design teams that choose to use the eDRAM, for example, would then negotiate a license with IBM, he said.

Initially, the designs would be targeted to IBM’s 45 nm foundry SOI process.

The SOI Portal will be demonstrated at the SOI Jump Start training event, planned for April 28, withonline participation or in-person attendance at the Cadence auditorium in San Jose.

Adam Traidman, general manager at Cadence, said has >26,000 registered SoC designers, providing access to >200 IP suppliers and foundries.

Mendez said not all the IP that a cellphone chip design team might want is in the SOI Portal now, though a digital TV design team, for example, is likely to have all that it requires. “We are just getting started with this. As the momentum increases, more and more companies will join, including service providers. The other pieces will follow as the SOI marketplace demands them,” he said.

Membership in the SOI Industry Consortium currently includes AMD, Applied Materials, ARM, Cadence Design Systems, CEA-Léti, Freescale Semiconductor, GlobalFoundries, IBM, IMEC, Infotech, Innovative Silicon, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, KLA-Tencor, MEMC, Mentor Graphics, MIT Lincoln Laboratories, Nvidia, Ritsumeikan University, Samsung, Semico, SEH Europe, Soitec, Stanford University, STMicroelectronics, Synopsys, Tyndall Institute, University of California-Berkeley, University Catholique de Louvain, UMC and Varian.

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