Samsung Galaxy S “Hummingbird” chip to have 3x GPU power of Snapdragon – Android and Me

Samsung Galaxy S “Hummingbird” chip to have 3x GPU power of Snapdragon – Android and Me.

Did you know the Samsung Galaxy S contains the fastest graphics processing unit of any Android phone? Neither did I because Samsung felt that spec wasn’t important enough to include in their official press release.

It took me awhile to realize it, but I was watching the Galaxy S keynote highlights and noticed Samsung’s Omar Khan mention their 1 GHz chip could “process a staggering 90 million triangles per second”. He claimed this was three times faster than any smartphone so I went and verified the numbers. The Snapdragon platform (QSD8×50) only does 22 million triangles per second.

So how could this be? How could Samsung produce one of the most powerful Cortex-A8 based processors and just completely leave it off their press kit for the Galaxy S?

It took me a lot of searching (really, I should be sleeping), but I was able to dig up all the goods on this magical processor.

Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S features their new S5PC110 application processor which was announced last year. This processor contains an ARM Cortex-A8 core paired with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU.

The Cortex-A8 core is codenamed Hummingbird and it was designed by Intrinsity who claims it is the fastest Cortex-A8 processor around. I will spare you that I’m some kind of ARM architecture expert and refer you to their press release for more info.

Very little is know about the PowerVR SGX540 because it has only been shown off on two device so far – the Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) and the Samsung Wave (S8500).

Here is a GPU comparison for some of the leading smartphones:

  • Motorola Droid: TI OMAP3430 with PowerVR SGX530 = 7 million(?) triangles/sec
  • Nexus One: Qualcomm QSD8×50 with Adreno 200 = 22 million triangles/sec
  • iPhone 3G S: 600 MHz Cortex-A8 with PowerVR SGX535 = 28 million triangles/sec
  • Samsung Galaxy S: S5PC110 with PowerVR SGX540 = 90 million triangles/sec

And for comparison a few consoles:

  • PS3: 250 million triangles/sec
  • Xbox 360: 500 million triangles/sec

As you can clearly see, the Samsung Galaxy S comes out on top of the smartphones by a wide margin (but not quite those PS3 graphics in your pocket yet).

So to recap, the Samsung Galaxy S has the best display (Super AMOLED) and fastest processor of any Android smartphone that has been officially announced to launch this year.

I wonder what else Samsung is trying to hide from us (they have not disclosed the RAM either).

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