HP Slate PC – IPAD does not tremble or cold


Each develops a gadget that Apple does not spare those who come after announcing that they have a replacement.Just as there are a lot of iPod Killers (still waiting) and iPhone Killers (Hello?), now has been the range of IPAD Killers.Case to light, the HP Slate . We had a short in our hands.

HP Slate is the first offering in response to the IPAD that with a straight face, wants to unseat iPodsote. Two models will be marketed HP Slate, a 32GB for $ 549 price and a 64GB and $ 599 price. Both have an 8.9-inch screen and 1024 x 600 pixels resolution powered by an Intel Atom Z530 at 1.6GHz, Intel integrated graphics chip (presumably the Broadcom Crystal HD) and 1GB of RAM is not expandable.

As we saw in the Slate, has the problem that is a whole PC. If you have Office, Explorer / Chrome / Safari and allchecheres that he can install Windows. You have Flash, but unfortunately this means you have a long and annoying load time operating system (and then a user-display password to enter Windows 7). If anything, it is clear that this gadget is not a competition to IPAD but the netbooks already on the market.

Anyway it is worth noting the positive. The Slate has expansion ports ad-nauseum that includes a dock with HDMI and USB connections. It has a built-in camera. It has its own media management system that is to see if it be really useful but definitely nice if it is. The screen, although smaller than that of the IPAD, is a little brighter and if, obviously, is multi-touch and although it is made of plastic, feels dense and tough. The design team continues to be pretty for what is a pseudo-range of Netbooks without a keyboard.

The official verdict is “meh” . This version of the Slate far behind the IPAD as “gadget package”, but definitely this is the smallest complete netbook that they can find.

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