Samsung ploughs $3.6 billion into Austin fab expansion

Samsung ploughs $3.6 billion into Austin fab expansion.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor has announced its plans to further expand the capacity of its 300mm fab in Austin, Texas with a $3.6 billion investment. This cash injection will complete the second phase of the semiconductor manufacturing complex, which stands at around 2.3 million square feet. Phase one began in 2006, while production began in 2007.

The expanded Austin fab will produce advanced logic devices for the company’s System LSI business, while continuing to manufacture NAND Flash memory chips. Cleanroom equipment move-in and build-out is expected to commence immediately.

The company claims that this new extension will rank the Austin fab as one of the largest in the United States. Samsung intends to create approximately 500 new jobs in the area as a result of the investment.
“Forty-five nanometer and below advanced logic applications are in high demand and respective markets are expected to show substantial growth in the coming years. Together with the original advanced IC production capacity in Giheung, Korea, our rapid installment of substantial new capacity in Austin will allow our customers to meet the growing demand for their exciting next generation digital solutions,” said Dr. Stephen Woo, executive VP of System LSI for Samsung Electronics.

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