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ATIC cash draws chip research to Abu Dhabi

ATIC cash draws chip research to Abu Dhabi.

LONDON – The Semiconductor Research Corp. (SRC) has announced it is extending its university research partnership to serve the needs of technology ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. Under the agreement SRC member companies will conduct research in Abu Dhabi, sponsored by the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC).

Abu Dhabi is becoming a significant player in the semiconductor industry through its majority ownership and funding of foundry GlobalFoundries Inc. (Milpitas, Calif.) and it has previously stated its intention to bring semiconductor manufacturing to the emirate. The Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), the parent of GlobalFoundries, was created in 2008 as a technology investment company wholly-owned by the government of Abu Dhabi.

Under the terms of the partnership ATIC will sponsor university research in Abu Dhabi focused on low-power microelectronic applications. As part of the agreement, SRC and its member companies will increase their research activities in Abu Dhabi in partnership with key Abu Dhabi education institutions. The announcement follows a conference co-hosted by SRC and ATIC in Abu Dhabi – the MEES Forum – that was focused on the development of minimum-energy electronic systems.

The value of the sponsorship and the period over which it would be offered were not disclosed by SRC or ATIC.

“For almost 30 years, the semiconductor industry has been sponsoring precompetitive basic research at universities,” said SRC president Larry Sumney, in a statement. “As the semiconductor industry has expanded globally, the sponsorship of basic research has spread beyond U.S. borders to Europe and Asia. Now that the semiconductor industry is active in the Middle East, it is natural for SRC to establish a relationship with ATIC in Abu Dhabi.”

“The development of Abu Dhabi as a hub for leading-edge semiconductor capabilities, research and development is enabling the emirate to realize its vision to diversify its economy away from dependency on oil and gas,” said Sami Issa, ATIC’s executive director responsible for Abu Dhabi ecosystem development, in the same statement. “ATIC is working on developing an R&D ecosystem for advanced technology, and our partnership with SRC is a definitive step in this direction.”


Report: ATIC plans $7B chip fab in Abu Dhabi

Report: ATIC plans $7B chip fab in Abu Dhabi.

ATIC, the majority investor in Globalfoundries, plans to spend up to $7 billion to build a semiconductor fab in Abu Dhabi, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. SAN FRANCISCO—Advanced Technology Investment Co., the majority investor in Globalfoundries Inc., plans to spend up to $7 billion to build a semiconductor fab in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

The story, based on an interview with ATIC CEO Ibrahim Ajami, says Ajami also said ATIC is open to acquisitions outside of the semiconductor foundry sector to strengthen its position in the chip business.

Ajami told The Journal that ATIC has targeted 2014 or 2015 to ramp up a 300-mm fab in Abu Dhabi, which would be operated by Globalfoundries.

Globalfoundries, which was formed in 2009 through the spinoff of Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s manufacturing capabilities, operates seven fabs, including former AMD fabs based in Germany and several Singapore fabs, which were previously operated by Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Pte., which it acquired in early 2010. The company is also building a 300-mm fab in upstate New York.

Globalfoundries, bolstered by the deep pockets of ATIC, has quickly emerged to pose a technology and capacity challenge to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the dominant player in the foundry market. – GlobalFoundries to spend $3 billion on expansion – GlobalFoundries to spend $3 billion on expansion.

LONDON — Foundry chip maker GlobalFoundries Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.) has announced plans to expand its global semiconductor manufacturing operations with an additional spend of $3 billion over the next couple of years.The announcement was expected and is the latest in a series of capital expenditure expansions announced by leading foundries and memory chip makers (see Hynix raises capex, breaks with Numonyx).

GlobalFoundries’ spend will increase the size of the clean room in the wafer fab under construction in New York by about 40 percent and make GlobalFoundries Fab 1 into a gigafab by mid-2012. Globalfoundries is also spending in Singapore to increase capacity at what was Chartered Semiconductor.

The company, backed by the Abu Dhabi government through the Advanced Technology Investment Co., had previously planned to spend $2.5 billion on capex in 2010. A large portion of the additional spend is likely to come in 2011. Abu Dhabi has pledged to spend about $10 billion to build up GlobalFoundries as a world-class competitor in the foundry business.

GlobalFoundries said it plans to construct an additional wafer manufacturing facility at Fab 1 in Dresden, Germany, to increase the maximum manufacturing capacity to 80,000 wafers per month. At the same time GlobalFoundries is going to expand the clean room shell currently under construction at Fab 8 in New York to provide the option to take the site up to 60,000 wafers per month once it is fully equipped.

Fab 1 in Dresden, which is currently capable of about 30,000 wafer starts per month, had been on course to double capacity by mid-2012. Doug Grose, CEO of GlobalFoundries, said he expected the 80,000 wafer manufacturing capacity would arrive by mid- to late 2012. “The focus there is on 40-nm where we see huge demand. We’re also producing on 32-nm and we will do a bit of 28-nm production. New York is intended to focus on 28-nm production and below.”

Fab 8 is still under construction and is not expected to ship commercial wafers until the first half of 2012. As such the effect of expansion is unlikely to come into effect until late 2012 or 2013.

In addition to new expansion initiatives in Dresden and New York, GlobalFoundries is continuing with its previously announced expansion at Fab 7 in Singapore to reach an output level of 50,000 wafers per month, an increase of nearly 50 percent from current levels. During the expansion, Fab 7 will continue to focus on manufacturing technologies ranging from the 65- to 40-nm technology nodes.”How quickly we implement the capacity will depend on demand. It is high right now but if necessary we can modulate at Fab 1 and Fab 8,” said Grose. He said that manufacturing capacity utilization is running at 95 percent — essentially sold out, particularly at the leading-edge. “Nothing can be done in the short-term. If we can accelerate equipment installation or productivity throughput we will, but that won’t make a big difference this year,” said Grose.

But Grose emphasized that having a capacity roadmap as well as a technology roadmap was important to instill confidence in foundry customers.

“With this aggressive capacity build-out plan, we are well positioned to provide new and existing customers with the fastest option to get advanced products to market in the volumes they need to ensure success,” said Chia Song Hwee, chief operating officer of GlobalFoundries.

The expansion in Dresden will create Europe’s largest wafer fab and will add nearly 110,000 square feet of clean room space and taking the total to the equivalent of about eight soccer fields. The start of this expansion project at Fab 1 is subject to the approval of a state aid package by the German authorities and the European Commission.

The expansion at Fab 8, the company’s fab under construction at the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Saratoga County, New York will increase the size of the cleanroom shell by approximately 90,000 square feet, bringing the total available cleanroom space to approximately 300,000 square feet, equivalent to roughly six soccer fields – GlobalFoundries wants 30% of foundry market, says report – GlobalFoundries wants 30% of foundry market, says report.

  • wants to take 30 percent of the foundry market within three years
  • In 2009 TSMC was ranked the top foundry with about 45 percent of a market worth about $20 billion
  • “We need to be a $5 billion company in the next two to three years” per Ibrahim Ajami, chief executive officer of ATIC.
  • $5 billion in annual sales won’t quite get GlobalFoundries to 30 percent
  • The combined sales of Chartered and GlobalFoundries would have been just over $2.6 billion in 2009,
  • GlobalFoundries has announced that it is working with Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics and ARM Holdings plc as well as Advanced Micro Devices Inc., – Korea recruits Abu Dhabi investor for chip initiatives – Korea recruits Abu Dhabi investor for chip initiatives.

EE Times

LONDON — The Advanced Technology Investment Co. (ATIC) of Abu Dhabi, the government investment vehicle behind GlobalFoundries Inc., has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA) in which the two parties undertake to explore potential areas of collaboration in the semiconductor industry.

The MoU was signed in Abu Dhabi, by Ibrahim Ajami, CEO of ATIC and by Jun-Cheol Yang, CEO of KSIA. KSIA is the advisory association behind the South Korean semiconductor industry that represents the interests of a variety of semiconductor companies including Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

The agreement is broad-ranging covering development collaboration, commercial, public-private and educational cooperation. The possibility of ATIC investing in Hynix, a memory chip vendor from which a number of banks are seeking to disengage, was not discussed in a statement issued by ATIC, but nor was it excluded.

The likely value of collaborations or the time-scale that the two organizations are looking at, was not discussed.

The two bodies said the agreement will allow ATIC and KSIA to explore cooperative partnerships with leading companies in each other’s markets, as well as global companies located in the United Arab Emirates and Korea. They also said they would explore technology education opportunities.

Under the MoU, ATIC and KSIA will evaluate semiconductor-related R&D programs; technology trends and industrial policy seminars; collaboration between UAE and Korean companies to further competitiveness and investment; and education-related exchanges between students and faculties in various UAE and Korean universities and associations.

“South Korea’s semiconductor industry is tremendously innovative and is an amazing source of talent and insight,” said Ibrahim Ajami, in a statement. “We look forward to exploring shared development and commercial opportunities as we advance ATIC’s goal of becoming an industry leader and strengthening Abu Dhabi’s advanced technology sector.”

“As we begin to see recovery in this industry, we are very excited to be collaborating with this major industry partner, with its long-term perspective and global viewpoint,” said Yang, in the same statement. – Report: Abu Dhabi seeks stake in UMC – Report: Abu Dhabi seeks stake in UMC.

Report: Abu Dhabi seeks stake in UMC
SAN JOSE, Calif. — After buying Singapore’s Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Investment Co. (ATIC) is now looking at buying a stake in Taiwan’s United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC)., according to reports.ATIC has approached UMC for talks on a ”possible stake buy,” according to Reuters. UMC’s stock jumped as a result of the rumors.

ATIC denied the rumors about UMC, the world’s second largest foundry, next to TSMC. ”There’s nothing to it. ATIC’s priority is making sure Globalfoundries, with the integration of Chartered Semiconductor of Singapore, is off to a smooth start, fully backed by ATIC’s focused support,” said Brian Brian Lott, executive director of communications for ATIC, in an e-mail response.

In September, ATIC acquired Chartered for a total of $3.9 billion. Chartered will be folded into GlobalFoundries Inc., the former manufacturing division of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD).

Pooling resources from Chartered and GlobalFoundries will enable the new company to better compete in the tough wafer supply industry with market leader Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC). The combined entity will benefit from GlobalFoundries’ technology expertise while tapping into Chartered’s customer base to boost sales.

With UMC, ATIC believes it can better compete against TSMC, according to the report. Others see a nightmarish integration process between GlobalFoundries, Chartered and UMC.

ATIC 회장 “사막에 파운드리공장 세우겠다”

대한민국 IT포털의 중심!

세계 반도체 파운드리 시장에서 ‘태풍의 핵’으로 떠오른 중동 아부다비 자본의 행보가 거침없다.

지난해 AMD의 제조부문을, 올 9월에는 싱가포르 ‘차터드’를 각각 인수했으며, 최근엔 중동에 반도체공장을 세우겠다는 계획을 밝혔다. 세계 반도체 시장에서 경쟁할 수 있는 덩치를 갖추겠다는 의지로 풀이된다. 현재 파운드리 시장 선두인 대만 TSMC는 물론이고 2위권 진입을 노리는 삼성전자에도 부담스러운 경쟁자로 떠올랐다.

22일 업계에 따르면 아랍에미리트 아부다비토호국의 국영투자회사인 ATIC의 왈리드 알 무하이리 회장은 최근 열린 한 포럼에서 “앞으로 4년 내 이곳에 파운드리공장이 세워지는 것을 보게 될 것”이라고 말했다.

특히 “인프라 구축을 위해 미국 매사추세츠공과대학(MIT)과 긴밀히 협력할 예정이며 오는 2030년까지 아부다비 내 반도체산업 종사자만 4만명에 이를 정도로 키울 것”이라는 구체적 구상도 덧붙였다.

중 동 오일머니에 기반을 둔 ATIC는 지난해 10월 AMD의 생산부문을 인수하며 세계 파운드리산업에 혜성처럼 등장했다. AMD의 독일 드레스덴공장을 가져가면서 ‘글로벌파운드리스(Global Foundries)’를 출범시켜 단숨에 업계 3위로 뛰어올랐다. 여기서 멈추지 않았다. 지난 9월에는 파운드리업계 4위인 싱가포르 차터드마저 인수하는 데 성공, 규모를 더욱 키웠다.

인수합병(M&A)뿐만 아니라 막강한 자본력을 바탕으로 직접 설비투자에도 나선다. 글로벌파운드리스는 지난 7월 뉴욕주 북부에 최첨단 파운드리공장을 착공해 2012년 가동 예정이다. 중동공장까지 포함하면 천문학적인 투자를 하는 셈이다.

ATIC 의 공격적인 행보는 ‘스케일 게임(규모의 경제)’을 통해 세계 시장 1위 TSMC와 경쟁을 펼쳐보겠다는 의지의 표현이다. 무하이리 회장은 “앞으로 규모가 작은 파운드리업체들은 사라질 것”이라며 “우리는 2년 내 2위 자리에 올라 TSMC와 경쟁할 것”이라고 말했다.

업계에서는 ATIC의 2위 등극이 시간문제라는 시각이 지배적이다. 후발 주자들로선 생존을 위한 합종연횡이 불가피한 형국이다. 파운드리업계 관계자는 “특화한 시장을 개척하지 않는 한 규모가 작은 기업들은 앞으로 더욱 힘에 부치게 된다”며 “글로벌 파운드리의 부상은 합종연횡을 더욱 자극하게 될 것”이라고 전했다.

ATIC의 공세는 파운드리 시장 절대 강자인 대만 TSMC보다 삼성전자에 더 위협적인 요인이 될 것으로 보인다. 삼성전자는 파운드리를 세계 일류화 상품으로 선정, 해외 우수 인력 확보에 나서는 등 최근 의욕적인 사업 확장에 들어갔다.

세계 파운드리 시장은 지난해 220억달러에서 오는 2012년 320억달러로 성장할 전망이다. 일반 반도체 시장보다 높은 연평균 9%의 성장률로 성장세가 가파르다. 지난해 전 세계 파운드리 시장에서 대만 TSMC는 무려 102억달러나 벌어들여 독주체제를 굳혔다.