Semiconductor Micro- or Nano-electronics is rapidly approaching to the end of  roadmap that has been guided by Moore’s law for last several decades.

Conventional duo of incumbent Si CMOS technology, Si channel and SiO2 dielectric, are being replaced by alternative channel (e.g., Ge, III-V, Graphene) and alternative dielectrics (e.g., high-k)  in coming generations.  Your computer may already have high-k in it.

Two dimensional platform is also going thorough dramatic shift to third dimension, in both unit transistor level (e.g., FinFET, Tri-gate) and system level (e.g., TSS).

Given all those efforts, fundamental distance  of Si atoms is not going to be scaled, which will eventually stop geometrical scaling.

Now, whole semiconductor industry needs new technology system to continue on economic and performance scaling in coming generations of technology.

It’s like finding cheaper, safer and more efficient alternative energy replacing mighty but extincting fossil fuel. Yes, it’s that serious.

This blog is a collection of news and literatures to track the academic and industrial trend of semiconductor technology in this exciting time of transition.

Owing to rapidly expanding cyberspace and application of wireless mobile technology, next 10 years of consumer electronics are poised to completely change lifestyle of ordinary people.

The question in this blog is how to build the fundamental building block of those electronic gadgets.

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